Health and Wellness Tips for Yorkie Doggy Love
Published on September 26 2022 434 views

yorkie doggy

The Yorkie is a tiny dog with an innate love for attention. Although it is a highly socialized dog, it is also a territorial breed. This means it will react differently if you bring a stranger into the house versus a stranger on the street. Consequently, it is important to understand how to interact with your Yorkie to prevent a potential misunderstanding.

A Yorkie's small size and delicate digestive system make it susceptible to certain health problems. Consequently, it is important to provide your dog with quality food and adequate exercise. Additionally, your Yorkie may need extra supplements and sodium restrictions to avoid problems with its heart. Your vet can help you determine what is best for your Yorkie's health.

A Yorkshire Terrier has an impressive carriage, a compact body, and a sharp expression. Its coat is a unique feature of the breed, giving it a distinctive look. Its long, silky coat is a clear tan shade with a dark steel blue hue. You may choose to style your Yorkie's coat or let it grow naturally. If your dog is competing in dog shows, its coat may be cut in a variety of styles, but it is usually kept long and glossy.

When selecting a health insurance plan for your Yorkie, make sure you know what limitations are in place. Many policies have a waiting period before benefits kick in. Also, check the policy's premiums. A plan should provide you with peace of mind if your pet is in a medical emergency.