How to Train Your Chihuahua Puppy Talks
Published on November 15 2022 366 views

How to Train Your Chihuahua Puppy Talks

Chihuahua puppy talks

Your Chihuahua puppy may not be able to speak yet, but it will learn the gist of what you say. This adorable little dog can even hear the ringtones of music or television shows. While it may be funny to you, it may be alarming for your neighbors. If your Chihuahua puppy is displaying this behavior, you should consider training it.

When first introducing yourself to your Chihuahua puppy, speak in a friendly tone. This will make the dog feel comfortable and less likely to get startled later on. Besides, a Chihuahua responds to tone, so if you say something angry, they will tend to turn away. Conversely, if you talk in a friendly tone, they will be more likely to come closer. It is estimated that Chihuahuas are able to understand up to 165 words. Moreover, they are not only good at understanding simple sentences, but they also respond to your voice and body language.

If you're trying to learn Chihuahua puppy talks, it's important to understand the sound of their bark. Dogs analyze vocal sounds to determine their survival needs. High tones indicate a welcoming presence while low tones indicate danger. As a result, your dog may bark at different times.